Born in Vancouver, Canada, Colleen Kerr's work encompasses a range of media, to develop ideas and cross connections. Her repetoire includes painting, performance art, writing, drawing, textile, metals, installation and mixed media work. She draws deeply upon passionate interests in literature, philosophy, history, spirituality and science.

Colleen has exhibited her work in Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia, including New York's Museum of Modern Art and the National Gallery of Canada. Her work appears in numerous private and public collections including the National Gallery of Canada and TBC Bank collection in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Her work has been written about in:

  • "Performance Art in Canada, 1970-1990", ed. Clive Robertson & Alain-Martin Robert
  • "Caught in the Act an Anthology of Performance Art by Women", essay by Nelson Henricks, ed. Tanya Mars & Joanna Householder
  • "Alberta Art and Artists, an Overview" by Mary-Beth Laviolette & Patricia Ainslie
  • Numerous articles and reviews in national and international media.



Recent Exhibitions

Glenbow Museum, embroidery, Calgary, Canada, 2018

National Parlliamentary Library of Georgia, painting, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2016

City of Mtskheta, painting, Mtskheta, Georgia, 2016

National Museum of Georgia, painting, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2015

City of Mtskheta,  painting, Mtskheta, Georgia, 2015


Selected Group Exhibitions

Integrate Arts Festival, painting, IAF Headquarters, Victoria, Canada, 2014

Made in Calgary: The Nineties, video, Glenbow Museum/Calgary Contemporary Art Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 2014

Pride Exhibition, embroidery, Medrona Gallery, Victoria, Canada, 2012

Role, embroidered mixed media, Stride Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 2011

Local Works, painting, Biggar Art Gallery & Museum, Biggar, Canada, 1999

A Duchampian Look at the Glenbow’s Art Collection, assemblage, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, 1997

Technology as Art II, Tableaux Vivants video installation, The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1997

ckmd preformed, multimedia collaboration with Mark Dicey, Truck Artist run Centre, Calgary, Canada, 1994

New Canadian Video, “Chrysalis” video, Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA, 1994

11e Festival International du Film 8 et Video, video, Brussels, Belgium, 1992

Recent Acquisitions, “A Pack of Lies” video, The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Canada, 1989

Women Looking: Creating Feminine Spaces, video, Toronto, Canada, 1987


Solo Exhibitions

Tableaux Vivants: Vancouver, video installation, Video In, Vancouver, Canada, 1998

Book of Shadows, video premiere, Stride Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1994

Selini, assemblage, Muttart Public Art Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1991

The Journey, installation/performance, The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1989

The Mythanthropist, drawing, Truck Artist Run Centre, Calgary, Canada, 1987



Selected Performance Art

Stockholm Slave,  solo endurance performance, Calgary/Victoria/Vancouver Canada, 1999-2011

Explaining Cosmology to a Live Chicken & Explaining Genetics to a Dead Salmon, solo, Maenad Theatre’s Femfest, Calgary, Canada, 1997

ckmd: Preformed, ckmd on the air, ckmd on the move, and more, with Mark Dicey, Truck Artist run Centre, CJSW FM, The Night Gallery, ACAD, Bridgeland Community Centre, Calgary, 1994-1995

Spitting Nickels, solo, Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada, 1994

Mz. Frankenstein, with Tanya Mars & Sandra Vida, The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1992

Feedback and Forth/Life is Strange! More to Follow,  Collaborative/solo performance residency, curated/contributor, M. Vanci Stirnemann. Helmhaus Public Gallery; Radio LoRa, Zurich, Switzerland, Kultursagi Art Centre, Winterthur, Switzerland, Galerie Theuretzbacher, Vienna, Kunstvereinhorn, Horn, Austria, 1991

The Journey, solo, The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1989

Niagara, solo, The Nickel Arts Museum, Calgary, Canada, 1988


 Professional Consultation & Teaching

Committee Member, on various programming, planning and volunteer committees at The New Gallery, emmedia, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Truck Artist Run Centre, Calgary, Canada, 1985 - 1999.

Mentor, Women’s Art Mentoring Program, The New Gallery and Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Canada, 1997

Juror, Canada Council Video Production, 1991 & 1992

Curator, “The Influences of Maya Deren”, Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Calgary, Canada, 1996

Curator, “Night Vision”, with Grant Poier, Olympic Plaza, Calgary, Canada, 1994

Coordinator/Instructor,  Basic Video/TV Production Training Program, for volunteers of Rogers/Shaw  Cable 10, Calgary, Canada, 1993 - 1995

Board Member, emmedia, Calgary, Canada, 1987 & 1992

Curator, The Window Project, The New Gallery, Calgary, Canada, 1990

Instructor, Performance Art/Video Art workshops, emmedia, Calgary, Video Verite, Saskatoon, Video Pool, Winnipeg, 1987 - 1992


Selected Bibliography

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Awards & Honours

 Canada Council Video Production Grant, 1989

Canada Council Video Production Grant, 1988



The Alberta College of Art and Design

The Alberta Art Foundation

The Glenbow Museum

The National Gallery of Canada

The City of Mtskheta, Georgia

TBC Bank, Tbilisi, Georgia

Diverse private collections worldwide