About My Art

I believe we have two core choices in life: to create or destroy. As an artist, I have chosen to create.

We often hold ourselves separate from “nature.” The history of humanity tells a long, often troubled relationship between humans and nature. Fearing, embracing, rejecting, surviving, negotiating, and trying to control it. No matter what technologies we invent and where our brains take us, the natural world is inescapable as long as we inhabit these bodies. We are animals: part of nature, yet we have an insatiable need to question how and why, as evidenced by our stories, science, philosophy and art.

While a student,  I experienced a powerful realization that the way I am meant to be an artist is to be a channel  through which flows my experiences, what I read, what I see and hear around me, what I sense, all filtered through primal and chthonic knowledge that persists alongside my intellect and intuition. Perhaps I am part of a collective unconsciousness or a huge neural network. I know for certain all life is interconnected. Whether we like it or not, all human beings are connected.  I would not and do not speak for others in my art, but only seek points of connection to share in my honest voice.

 Sometimes I set out knowing what I want to make, sometimes it develops a life of its own. Thus its path may manifest in painting, performance art, small sculpture or jewellery, drawing or mixed media.  Using symbolic narrative, a poetic, though not necessarily romanticized interpretation of the natural world is present, either as a representation in part or whole, or as an implied presence that references human context.  

Thus I continue to make art that invites the viewer to interpret and explore on their own terms, and find their own relationship with nature and themselves.